Dish name Salata de boeuf
Head Chef Mihaela Carstei
Origin Flag of Romania Romania
Vegetarian No
Difficulty Easy
Serves 4+
Description Itís a delicious salad that is very popular in Romania. We always eat it as an appetizer but it is so nutritious that it can even replace a meal.
Ingredients 1/2 lb Ė 1 lb beef sirloin (or another cut of meat that you might like)
5-6 potatoes (medium size)
3 carrots
1 parsley root
1 parsnip (optional),
1 large celery root,
1 can green peas
1 can corn
3-4 pickles (not too big)
½ - 1 cup Mayo (taste the salad before you add more mayo, it depends on your preference how much you would like to add)
1-2 tbsp mustard  (the same comment as for mayo applies to the mustard)
Salt and pepper
Preparation - boil the meat together with potatoes, carrots, parsley, parsnip, and celery root.
- after they boil, cube the meat and the veggies
- also cube the pickles (only smaller cubes this time)
- drain the pickles by squeezing them between your hands, you need to do this because you donít want the whole salad to get soggy
- place them all in a bowl; add the peas, corn, salt and pepper
- add the mustard and mayo and mix well
- donít mix too hard because you donít want to turn everything into mush, but mix well enough to incorporate the mayo and mustard
Comments Pofta buna!

You can turn this into a vegetarian dish by excluding the meat and it still tastes great. You might also like to try it with chicken (but I think its a lot better with beef). Also, you can either increase or decrease the quantities given here and make it suit your tastes. If you don't like one of the ingredients just remove it.
This is what I love about this recipe; it's so flexible and I can make it with what I have around, and it always tastes great.