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The Maxwell Review is a peer reviewed, interdisciplinary journal edited and distributed by Maxwell doctoral students. Its mission is to provide graduate students from all Maxwell disciplines the opportunity to publish scholarly work and serve as peer reviewers. We aim not only to make contributions to specific fields of study, but also to promote interdisciplinary dialogue within the Maxwell community.


The Review has published outstanding work by graduate students and hopes to continue that tradition this year. The deadline to submit your work for the Spring 2010 edition is between November 2nd and December 15 2009. Please follow the submission guidelines carefully.   


Karyn Stewart, Sociology

Anshula Johri, Economics

Associate Editors

Cathy LaVoy, Anthropology

Ariel Ling, Economics

T. Brice Pearce, History

Clinton Misamore, International Relations

Ebrahim Soltani, Political Science

Sarah Marx, Public Administration

Changyong Choi, Social Science

Gokhan Savas, Sociology


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